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7 Funny Dad Hats You Should Consider Buying

One of the reasons people love wearing dad hats is because of funny graphics and phrases! Other than being a perfect accessory for any outfit, a dad hat can be a great conversation starter, especially when it makes people laugh. That’s why today we will look at 7 funny dad hats that are sure to catch attention!

7 Funny Dad Hats

crying drake dad hat

1. Crying Drake Dad Hat


First of all, let me say that we all LOVE Drake! With that being said, Drake is known as being one of the “emotional” rappers because of the way he sings in his songs and the mellow tones he uses when he raps. Drake loves to mention past relationships, heartbreaks, and personal feelings in his lyrics, which is why we all can relate to his music so well because we are all emotional wrecks. Lol, just kidding. The crying drake dad hat is a sky blue dad hat with a graphic of drake crying on the front. This is a funny dad hat because it literally has Drake “in his feelings”!

air balloon funny dad hat

2. Air Balloon Dad Hat


For some reason, seeing a hot air balloon just brings out happy emotions in people and causes them to smile. Maybe it the array of vibrant colors, or the awkward shape of the balloon, or imagining yourself on it. Whatever it is, it definitely makes people smile. This air balloon dad hat is called the “UP!” dad hat and is made by Cap Ora, one of the best online stores for dad hats. If you want a dad hat that is sure to catch a lot of attention, this is the one!

avocado dad hat

3. Avocado Dad Hat


Not sure this started, but the avocado became a trend a something fun to look at when used as a graphic on clothing. This black dad hat has an avocado graphic stitched on the front of it. You can find this hat and more like it on Etsy.

rick and morty hat

4. Rick and Morty Dad Hat


The Rick and Morty hat pays tribute to one of the funniest cartoon sitcoms of the decade. Show your love and appreciation for grandpa Rick with this awesome hat.

The highlights of the Rick and Morty dad hat include:

  • Black dad hat
  • Hand-stitched Rick and Morty patch
  • Leather strap
  • Distressed markings
  • Cap Ora Logo patch on side panel

5. Sad Toad Dad Hat


The sad toad gained it’s popularity from social media, of course. The said toad began appearing on a series of funny memes and has been a staple on clothing ever since. The sad toad makes for a pretty funny dad hat to look at.


6. Paid in Full Dad Hat


If you like urban movies, then you’ll love the Paid in Full hat! This red dad hat features a hand-stitched Paid in Full graphic, distressed markings, and a leather strap. WARNING, people will ask where you got your hat from. You can only find dad hats of this quality at Cap Ora, the #1 dad hat brand!

donut dad hat

7. Pink Donut Dad Hat


Everybody LOVES donuts! There is literally a kind of donut for everyone. What better way to let people know you love to eat than with a giant donut! This blue dad hat includes a graphic of a donut with pink frosting. You can find the donut dad hat and more funny hats on Etsy.

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